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Natively Pure Turmeric Root Soap

Natively Pure Turmeric Root Repair Soap will naturally exfoliate the skin and will enhance your complexion with extra glow after every use. This is just what you need to help maintain flawless skin. It does not take long to visibly see the benefits of this soap on the skin. Turmeric has very strong anti-inflammatory properties, which reduces dark scars and circles, reduces the appearance of stretch marks, fights off acne by keeping bacteria from spreading, protects against sun damage, aging, & soothes your dry skin gently for radiant skin. This herb helps to even out your skin tone and complexion as well as helps to retain the skin's elasticity making it more supple.


Ingredients: Shea butter soapbase, turmeric EO, tea tree EO, turmeric power, Ginger EO, GingerEO, mango seed butter


Please note: If you have known allergy to any ingredient please avoid or use with caution. If you suffer from any chronic or acute illnesses or disease please refer to your physician prior to use. Some essential oils are not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing, please refer to your physician. By purchasing and using this product you acknowledge that you have read and reviewed all ingredients. You can find out more essential oil safety at

Natively Pure Turmeric Root Soap

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